If you're exhausted from prancing around our site for hours on end, then it's medically sound advice to take a break from the internet, get away from your computer for once, and experience "real life" by actually going  outside or speaking to people in person. It sounds absolutely ludicrous, we know- but we're doctors, and research has clearly shown that 9 out of 10 doctors agree that there's always 1 doctor out of 10 that never seems to agree with the other 9.

If you're not satisfied with the results of that research, then here's a few close friends of Muslim Medicine that you might be interested in checking out. They're not medical consultation requests, but they pretty much offer you much-needed second opinions on most of the nonsense you read here. They're good friends, so show some support!


"Cartoon Muhammad" is a brilliantly animated perspective drawn by Ahsan Khan which focuses on current events told through the adventures of a small boy named Muhammad. The comics are stylized and sleek, and all in all it's a really unique presentation that features 100% original artwork, unlike the image copy/pasting that we shamelessly abuse here at Muslim Medicine. Check it out!


"Maniac Muslim" just can't be done justice with my limited command of the English language. A hilarious satirical site authored by Hamzah Moin, a fantastic Canadian comedian whose sense of humor alone makes Canada seem like a somewhat relevant place. Always an inspiration for us, his handiwork simply has to be seen to be believed.