If there's one thing every doctor fears, it's getting sued for medical malpractice. The mere mention of the word "malpractice" makes a doctor do this:


Here at Muslim Medicine, we do our level best to not violate any internet laws or patient rights. In an effort to curb lawsuits and litigation, this disclaimer page serves as our own personal protection document. Does it actually offer any sort of real protection in a court of law? Probably not. But we like to pretend it does.

Regarding Website Content

We completely understand that actual diseases and medical conditions are never laughing matters. Believe us, we're more than intimately aware of just how frightening and terrible it is to have a disease or condition, and how deeply it affects people and their surrounding loved ones. In no way, shape, or form do we seek to belittle or trivialize these diseases and conditions. While we aim for satirical humor as a means of expressing awareness, we understand that for some readers the undertone of medical conditions may be a sensitive topic. In the event that you feel offended or off-set by any content on this site, we ask that you please contact us and notify us. Insha'Allah we'll do what we can to address your concerns. 

Regarding Website Usage

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Regarding Image Content

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