Special Thanks



Muslim Medicine is proud to acknowledge the help of particular individuals who have made it possible for us to continue our work and spread our message of preventative care through our ridiculousness. We're deeply indebted to them, and this page is merely just a small token of our appreciation.


Ashraf Ali

Without a doubt one of the most talented upcoming graphic imaging artists that we've had the pleasure of knowing, Ashraf is a wizard of website development and an incredible graphic designer to boot, masha'Allah. He helped us start Muslim Medicine and usually comes to our rescue when troubleshooting issues arise, so he's pretty much the IT-tech guy that every computer-illiterate doctor absolutely needs in order to survive. If you'd like to contact Ashraf, you can visit his website here at www.ashrafali.net.

JazakAllahu khair for all of your help, Ashraf! You'll always have Muslim Medicine's official seal of approval:


Dr. O's parents

Unlike most Asian parents who willfully force their kids to become doctors, Dr. O's parents were so amazing, they managed to get their son to foster an interest in medicine and pursue the long, daunting path to becoming a doctor without even hinting at him to do it! Their endless support and tremendous sacrifices to get Dr. O to where he is now are truly worthy of praise, and just a brief mention on our site can't do justice to how much they've given Dr. O.

It's a blessing beyond comprehension to have such wonderful, caring, and loving parents like you, and we here at Muslim Medicine offer our sincerest gratitude to everything you've done. May Allah (swt) shower you both with His blessings, mercy, and protection, and may He grant you both the very best in this dunyah and in the akhirah!


Sister Mars

No, she's not an alien planet (though that's debatable at times), but she's by and far one of the most naturally gifted artists that we know, masha'Allah. Her drawing talents are awe-inspiring, and though she has no interest in medicine per se, she gladly gives her time to be Dr. O's personal portrait artist. Her life-like renditions of Dr. O showcased throughout the "Muslim Medicine" banners at the top of each page almost nearly reflect the actual image of Dr. O- complete with no nose, cone-shaped hands, and no legs. Sister Mars, your pictures add a really adorable, approachable element to Muslim Medicine's cut-throat corporate image, and for that we offer you our deepest thanks. 



The Muslim Community

This site really wouldn't be much of anything if it weren't for the hilariously strange and slapstick-silly behaviors that are so apparent in our beloved Muslim Communities. A tremendous thanks has to be given to the community that I've been so blessed to be born and raised in, and just how much I love interacting with other Muslims and experiencing new communities and Islamic Centers around the nation, and even around the world.

We're truly a massively diverse and deeply intricate ummah, and it's a pleasure to poke fun at the trivial things we catch ourselves doing from time to time. So don't take it the wrong way, guys! I lightly joke about you because I love you!

All praise and thanks are due to Allah (swt), the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful, and may peace and blessings be upon His beloved final messenger, Prophet Muhammad (saws).